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Members can email wanted details and pictures to Dave Wilcox


ASP or SC 70FS none runner wanted for spares. I need the whole head unit. What you see is all that is left, the rest has broken away never to be found.

Contact: Dave Wilcox 01263 512565

Does anyone have a spare lead to connect a Hitec telemetry unit to Rx I seem to have lost mine somewhere. If not perhaps a sensor lead with the little white plug on and I can add a servo plug?

Contact: Dave Wilcox 01263 512565

I have not flown for some time for one reason or another and am looking for something that I can throw around to get back into the groove. I am looking for something like a Gangster 63”” or similar. Anybody got anything suitable, I am open to suggestions and have cash waiting for the right model and setup.
Contact: Mike Harrall 01328 701330