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General Sales

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Pitts Special £45 Chipmunk £30, Cessna £50, Starjet £30, Max Thrust Ryan B £70. Eachine Micro Skyhunter £40, Radiolink AT9 2.4Ghz 9 channel Tx & 5 Rx’s brand new unused £100. There are three quadcopters complete with batteries and transmitters, a CX-20 with 2 batts, camera, GPS. A QRX350Pro with battery, GPS. And a Flying 3D X8 with GPS, camera.  Open to any sensible offers as all these need to go to a new home asap due to health problems.
(Due to hearing problems can you please contact Rob by Text or Email only. Thank you).
Contact: Rob Wood by TEXT to 07883 493977 or email to
I bought this just last week. It is a really complete and well manufactured kit, however, I now realise that with my less than perfect eyesight and hands not as steady as they once were, the likelihood of me completing the build is not high. I'm not looking to make a profit on it but just to pass it on to someone who may actually complete it. The wingspan is 89 inches and is advertised as being powered by up to a 180 four stroke. The kit contains, apart from all the well cut balsa and ply, a spring loaded, damped telescopic u/c. Light weight heavy duty wheels with De-Havilland hubs. Stainless steel flying wires and end pieces. Rudder closed loop system, fibre glass cowl, moulded windscreens and a complete hardware pack. There are build drawings and TWO sets of plans. Look on the Internet for reviews and build blogs. This must be one of the last completely untouched Flair Tiger Moth kits around. The last price I saw, when it was still available was £542. I am not open to offers, collection only unless the buyer arranges carriage. £400   REDUCED TO £350 FOR A QUICK SALE DUE TO BEING MESSED AROUND BY A WHEEL KICKER. A BARGAIN
Contact: Mike Harrall 07740440041 or email
A Seagull Decathlon looking for a new home with a bit of TLC. The undercarriage needs repair but it will be available at a very good price that you will not believe for airframe and servo’s. A deal can be made for the IC engine as well if you wish. This is the 40-46 2 stroke version (72 4 stroke). 67” wingspan, 4 channel - 6 servo.
Contact: James Leeks 07961 719578
I have the following Slow Flyer Props : Surplus to requirements.


APC 12x4.7 (2), 11x4.7 (1), 10x7 (3), 9x4.7 (4), 9x3.8 (1)
ROBBE 10x7 (1), 9x6 (1)


11x3.8 (1), 10x7 (1), 10x4.7 (1), 9x6 (2), 9x4.7 (2), 8x6 (1)
GWS EP-1060 and a GWS EP-9050

Well over £50 new. All for £20 a bargain. (Not even £1 each and the two Robbe Props are over £6 each new!)
Contact: Dave Wilcox 01263 512565

A free ticket to Woodspring Wings 2018 annual show. This ticket is for two adults and two children for the Saturday and the Sunday 30th June and 1st July. I cannot use it so am offering it free of charge to the first person to contact me and arrange collection.

Contact: Terry Godfrey 01603 423887