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General Sales

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  1. A brand new Rave Trainer plane for sale airframe only and ideal for first time and experienced flyer alike, it is a built up construction, very light and robust. It is three function control and will require an OS 40 to 60 engine. Wingspan is 6 ft, wing comes apart into two sections so you can store & transport easily. £70 REDUCED TO £45
  2. A new bigger plane I have finished, the sale is for the airframe only this one is called a Boa and runs on a .45-.60 IC or equivalent. 3 channel, has a 9’8” wingspan. Wings break into two part for easy transport and storage. Fuselage and tail are glass fibre construction. £80.
  3. A Kite Plane. Can be flown on glow or electric and is very easy and fun to fly. £50.
  4. Another Kite plane. This one is fitted with a ,35 glow engine. This will include an accessories bag with items needed. £250.

Contact: Ivan Rodger. Email him here (Gorleston)

A brand new, still in the box, Hangar 9 Piper J3 Cub ARTF Kit. This is a much sought after model and is now very hard to get a hold of. This is your chance to have a brand new kit at a fraction of the new cost. New these are around the £323 mark, you can have this one for £200. I am only moving it on as I have decided it is not my type of model.

Contact Mark Jordan on 07771 683146

Now for something a little different - A Kingroon KP3S 3d Printer with extras. I got on so well with this one I decided to print something that was a ‘bit’ bigger so have had to upgrade. This is in excellent condition and comes with the original print bed, a few spares and some small upgrades.

Extras include a glass plate and a PEI steel plate, replacement heater blocks, heaters, thermistors. If that is not enough it also has a NEW hot end. I have converted the original SD card to take a standard type which makes it a lot easier to insert and remove. There is a CR Touch unit to enable auto bed levelling but this is not yet fitted. Usual instructions and tools included and all in the original box.

There is well over £200 worth here if purchased new, I am asking £150 collected. I could post but it will be extra.

Contact: Ray Westfield at or see me at the field.