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DO NOT BUY ANYTHING, YET. We use three different training systems to start you out and the one chosen is dependant upon your level of knowledge, ability and allocated trainer. All three systems have buddy box capability so that you can get the most out of your initial learning experience. Once you get started you can discuss what you need to buy with your instructor. If you already have your own equipment we can organise for that to be used for your training if you wish. You may require a buddy box unit dependent on which radio Tx you have purchased. We will try to team you up with an Instructor that can buddy your system if possible. Our aim is for you to be at ease and enjoy the experience of learning to fly model aircraft.

If you have any doubts why you should consider joining a club and flying properly with consideration here is a PRIME EXAMPLE of problems you can cause, perhaps without even realising you have done so.

NMFC Training

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