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Club Sales

This page shows items for sale within the Club with a view to boosting Club Funds. This helps to keep the subscriptions down so please buy and use the items here they will usually give you a saving and add a little to the Club coffers.

70mm diameter Vinyl Self Cling Windscreen sticker of the Club Badge - £1.00

See Dave Wilcox to buy.

Click for fixing instructions

Weston’s Liquid Gold Fuel by the gallon (In a 5 Litre container, hence the air gap ;-)) We will only be stocking the 10% when the 5% is cleared.

See Dave Wilcox to buy. Let me know in advance and I will bring it to the field for you.




Liquid Gold  5%



Liquid Gold 10%



Please note: Embroidered goods are no longer available through the Club. If you wish to purchase embroidered badged goods go to Ink & Stitch. Ask them for a quote to add the Club badge. (The badge is already on file with this company).