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We have moved our runway off the aerodrome runway and it now runs parallel to runway 15/33. This is far better for us as we can now maintain it for ourselves without hindrance to the main activities. It also makes our end of the field look more used and shall we say lived in.

The model runway is approximately 500 feet by 45 feet so should be adequate for everyone to find a bit to land on, even the occasional microlight We also have an area set aside for those that fly helicopters to practice their hovering skills and a quad playground ;-)

We have eight starting benches and two large benches should your model need a little more intensive work.

We have a training facility currently with access to three aircraft and a buddy box set up on each. We can recharge batteries on site either from solar maintained batteries or from a generator. If you wish to use the latter of these facilities then arrangements need to be made for it to be made available as we do not leave items on site for obvious reasons.

We have a small caravan on site which is used for the sign in/out sheet and for shelter from the weather if needed. We also have two picnic tables which are ideal if you bring guests as it keeps them clear of the pit area and gives them a good view of the field and flying activities.

We feel this is a layout that would equal the best and surpasses the rest. Have questions? No problem, have a look at our FAQ page. If you don’t find the answer to your question there, drop us an email from the Contacts Page.

As you can see on this page we have a link to the airfield webcam that overlooks our area of the field so we can have a look if anyone is flying before we set off. The airfield has a Camping & Caravanning Club certified campsite if you are visiting the area, you will need to book this through the airfield. If you do book and wish to fly models please let us know and we can advise and help you with the site and club requirements for this.

If you are not a member of the club yet we have an aerial view of the airfield showing where we are and how to get to us. Move your pointer over the picture and any links will show by a change of pointer.

Our Field

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