As with everything else we do in this day and age we are governed by money and litigation. It is not a requirement by law that we have insurance to fly our models but common sense dictates that we have cover, especially in our scenario where we are flying on an active full size airfield. As I am sure you all know, if an insurance company can avoid paying out they will, so all of their policies include blanket phrases which basically say that you must be flying lawfully.

The most important thing is, if you are unfortunate and have an incident that results in injury or damage you have sufficient cover to protect you against a claim. If you are not insured it could cost you everything you have if a Court decision goes against you.

The insurance cover is not a problem, we are a BMFA Affiliated Club and part of your membership of our Club is that you also become a member of the BMFA. As part of the BMFA membership we get insurance cover for Civil Liability and Personal Accident, up to £25 million per claim.

So the big crunch comes where we said above - Flying lawfully. We join the Club and the BMFA together as a joint membership scheme, the option of CAA registration is a personal choice, not a requirement of membership of either Club or BMFA. I will ask you however, if you have not registered as an Operator or Pilot with the CAA scheme are you flying lawfully? This is the big question. Will this be the insurance company get out clause?  Of course it will!