The What’s New Box

Shout Boxes on this Website

Some seem to have had a little mis-understanding on what they can do with the information only shout boxes. Here is a simple guide to use:

  1. If there are no message entry fields visible you cannot add messages to the box.
  2. You can click the options option at the top left of the page but you can only use some of the options available.
  3. You cannot log in to the shout box as you are not a registered editor you are a viewer only.
  4. You can use some of the other options at the bottom of the options page.
  5. You do not have a password so you cannot have forgotten it.
  6. Archive - this lets you view all the messages that have been retained in the shoutbox.
  7. Pop-Out - this will let you open the box to a larger pop out window so easier to read the archive if you are looking for something specific.